Frequently Asked Questions

What is Olinic?
Olinic is a dental discount club that helps patients all over UK obtain professional treatments at discounted rates, and at the same time, help dental clinics grow and manage their practice. We have developed a large dental provider network of established dental practices to offer our members savings of up to 50% or more on dental services. Our providers go through an extensive credentialing process to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality care. Also included in the membership fee are savings on counselling, acupuncture, physiotherapy services, and more.

How do I use the Olinic card?
As soon as we receive your application and payment you will be eligible to use the services from our providers. We will provide you with an Olinic identification card. Simply present your identification card to any Olinic providers when services are performed and make payment directly to the provider.

How often can I use the Olinic card?
Olinic places your dental care first. There are no limits on how much you can use your dental plan or how many times you can visit your provider.

Can my dentist become a participating dental provider with Olinic?
Sure. Tell your Dentist to call us at 01633 530068 and ask for a provider package. Although we do not guarantee that a provider will become a part of our plan, we will do all we can to bring him or her into our network.

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